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[FLAWED] Ten Earth Shattering Blows – Tome One


These copies of Tome One have some slight imperfections.

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IMPORTANT: These copies have some slight imperfections, like scratches on the cover, weird artifacts sticking out, a smudge on one page or similar annoyances. They’re minor flaws that don’t ruin the reading experience, and some probably wouldn’t be noticeable at all, but I don’t feel like selling these books at full price.

Ten Earth Shattering Blows is the story of two young women forced to travel together in a lawless desert, caught between ruthless warlords, lizard-riding warriors and a mysterious conspiracy that seems to involve the creepiest magical arts known to men. The unlikely couple couldn’t be more ill-paired: Lady Landabella is a naive noblewoman who has yet to understand how the outside world works, Joy is a brutish fighter who hits first and never asks. Will they resolve their differences and become friends or are they destined to never see eye to eye? Well, for this first arc surviving is already a sufficient goal…


The book collects the first 3 chapters of the story, plus 11 pages of sketches and extras, and an exclusive 4-page mini story.


Bookmarks included while supplies last.

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[FLAWED] Ten Earth Shattering Blows – Tome One